Customized Total Security & Surveillance Solutions :


We design, Install and maintain integrated Security & Surveillance Solutions to meet any specific customer requirement.

Our integrated perimeter intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control system, along with other sub systems, have provided, high-end, multi-layer ,impregnable security & surveillance coverage to many sensitive organizations.

We have installed and and are maintaining security surveillance systems at small establishments to very large, highly sensitive organizations, spanning thousands of acres with large no of of buildings with multiple in and out points.

Normally our Security and Surveillance System Solutions modules comprises of:

  • Video Management System including Network Storage Manager

  • Fixed analog, digital, IP Surveillance cameras,

  • Biometric/RFID / iButton  based Access control system

  • Multi-layer perimeter protection,

  • Active and passive Concealed Object Detection Systems,

  • Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems,

  • Quick Reaction Solutions,

  • Communication backbone network for above system using FOC / Ethernet / Coaxial / wireless 

Interface between the above systems to provide an integrated solution. Custom tailored to meet specific customer needs.