Perimeter Intrusion Detection System:
The digital microphonic cable fence disturbance sensor shall function as an electronic perimeter intrusion detector. The system shall be used in conjunction with fences to protect the perimeter of a site. The system shall consist of an ultraviolet resistant triboelectric transducer cable, and a microprocessor based dual zone digital signal processor. The system shall be capable of monitoring different styles of metal fabric fencing such as chain-link, expanded-metal or welded-mesh fence. The sensor shall detect intruders by utilizing signals generated by the minute flexing of the triboelectric transducer cable, caused by attempting to cut, climb, or raise the fence fabric. The system shall be capable of functioning as either a standalone system or as an integral part of a centralized control and maintenance facility. 

The digital signal processor shall analyze the signals from the triboelectric transducer cable and shall detect minute vibrations in the fabric of the fence. The processor shall utilize adaptive algorithms, ambient signal compensation and selectable common-mode rejection, to discriminate between actual, false and nuisance alarms, without lowering the probability of detection. The processor shall identify, by type, a cut intrusion and a climb intrusion. The sensor shall have independent adjustments and thresholds for each type of intrusion and shall have the capability to completely mask climb or cut alarms.